Traveling is the cure

That’s the place for grass, originally uploaded by bro-mark.

Things kind of rushed after my last post. The work was going on, a little boring as usual, but I was hanging in there. Couple of interesting chances, but nothing regular. Now that I’m back home, many months passed, and I’m looking back and seeing things more clearly, kind of nostalgic. But I’ll slowly catch up, and you’ll see what brought me here, now.

Back then, what changed my habits the most was meeting this girl, Saki. She was working at my same company, and we started seeing each other quite regularly…guess always happen that way, and you disappear from your blog!

Anyway, I love traveling, she does too. So we planned some great trips together.

Going south! As south as I’d never gone before in Japan. South of southernmost of the 4 main islands of Japan, that is Kyushu, there is a archipelago of islands stretching into the Pacific ocean reaching Okinawa.
South of Kyushu, among the first, biggest islands there is Yakushima. Spending the night in Kagoshima, main port of the south of Kyushu and leaving the following morning, Saki and I left for this magic place, the first of our trips together.

Yakushima, a true living paradise, is a rather small, montainous, scarcely populated, almost tropical island. Is almost entirely covered by forest, verdant, thriving vegetation everywhere, famous for its cedar trees (sugi in japanese).

We have forests in Italy, and I’ve traveled a lot in Europe including Finland or the Black forest in Germany which are marvelous, but believe me, Yakushima is worth a visit. Perfect for long hikes (you can spend the night in a hut with your sleeping bag for some of the most beautiful 2-day hikes ever) for a full immersion in nature. You have deers, monkeys, amazingly old cedars (oldest is circa 3000 years old), small rivers everywhere and an old railway climbing up the slopes as well…

Well, it’s obvious now that I love the place. Do yourself a favour and go there. But take a look at the pictures first!

Yakushima (pt.1: Yakusugi land)

Yakushima (pt.2: Arakawa trail)

Yakushima (pt.3: Shiratani unsuikyo)



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