No trespassing, originally uploaded by bro-mark.

In the Kyoto area (but definitely not that close) there’s one of the “three famous views of Japan” (日本三景 – Nihon sankei).
The Amanohashidate (天橋立, literally the “bridge standing over heaven”) is a strip of sand lined with Japanese pine trees separating a large inner bay from the open sea. It is said that by climbing the hill on the north side, stepping on a stone and bowing to look at that strip between your legs, makes you see it as upside down, like a bridge over the sky.
Since I had already seen Miyajima and its torii, and the Matsushima archipelago was brutally swept by the tsunami following the great 2011 Tohoku earthquake, I couldn’t miss the chance to see at least this one.

2 painstakingly long hours by express train (local would’ve been…don’t wanna even think about that) passed quite quickly with my friends Thea and Colin with me, but on the way back my mind was on the appointment I had with Saki, to go in her hometown, Iwakuni, in time to reach the hanabi, the summer fireworks festival.

It’s been a hard one, but I made it. Not in time to meet her before the beginning and getting changed in my yukata, but hey…it was sweating hot and I just came back from climbing mt. Fuji…cut me some slack!

Those days I was taking off from work have been some of the most intense I’ve experienced while in Japan. Always on the run, with something new and exciting to do every day. Even going back to my old and crappy dorm was a nice perspective after all: I had done loads of things, met a lot of nice people, and saw some of the most astonishing views ever. I was back in the car with Saki, heading for Kudamatsu, and even if fighting a little for having been late for meeting her, I felt happy, having accomplished a lot in just a few days.

Didn’t take that long to cheer the mood up, and enjoy the rest of the evening together.

The pros


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