Miyajima, one last time

Climbing to the top, originally uploaded by bro-mark.

Meeting a friend visiting a place close to where you live is always a good start for a very nice time together.
The plan itself, geographically speaking, is to meet each other in a common place. And translating this concept into human relations, means connecting more on a personal level.
So I was happy to visit Miyajima for the 3rd time: the place was now feeling that kind of familiar as somewhere I’ve always been or lived, like some places in Rome, or London, and now, perhaps, Tokyo.
Showing things you’ve seen already twice, taking shortcuts, point out particular sights. Those are the things that, while doing them, make you feel like you kind of belong to the place.

You made it yours.

So I met with my friend Thea, visiting Hiroshima during the Obon week, one of the few national holidays in Japan. We went together to Miyajima, and I took the chance to reach the peak of the island, something I didn’t do the previous times.

The momiji (Japanese maple) trees were now full of super green leaves, and some of them were already turning reddish. Those red colours that make Japan the most amazing country in the world during autumn. Yeah, american maple is pretty nice too but you’ve seen nothing until you see the Japanese ones.
Still august is a bit early for those colours, but the sensation was there nonetheless.
And the view from the peak, even if with some thick haze in the distance (humidity in Japan is pretty high, especially in summer) is definitely breathtaking…

Another great memory, more sights I’ll never forget.

Stairway to the templesEnglish classroomAutumn's comingTenguHiddenSacred
Hidden templeOld incenseForbidden viewDimClimbing to the topFading to the edge
Empty beachesSmoothTop viewFishing netsPiercing raysDaring the rain

Miyajima, one last time, a set on Flickr.


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