Last night in Shimokitazawa

Left Yamaguchi, left my dormitory, left my friends, my life.
That life that seemed so hard at first, suddenly had become so dear to me. All the little habits, those eating spots refined in months of exploration, the connections with people and local life.

Back to Tokyo, meeting everyone from the programme again, felt much different from the midterm presentation in march. When we started meeting each other while reaching the hotel, in the train or subway stations, it was like meeting a long lost old friend, lots of excitement and thrill of being once again together in Tokyo.
This time was different. Of course we were happy and cheery, but that new lump in the stomach couldn’t be ignored.

Fun and games were coming to an end, and while nice to be with each other again, those were the last days or hours we were spending together. At least in Japan, at least for a while.

Big rush to finish my final presentation and enjoying the closure ceremony. But no 9-grade earthquake this time, luckily.

Then, free. For a few days, before jumping on planes that would take each of us away from Japan for a long time. A country that gave us so much, that taught us so much. Time to celebrate then!

Everyone, minasan, let’s all go to Shimokitazawa, to enjoy a last beer together.

In that friendly smoky izakaya, where the food is good, the beer is cheap, and the time is always great.

Holding inNadia and KamilWhat's this stuff on the wall?Luciano's contrastCulturesMisteries of physics
RobertoAdmiring JarekGlobeCigarette burnCulpritThe boys
The last hug

Last night in Shimokitazawa, a set on Flickr.


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