Going back

Last sunset, originally uploaded by bro-mark.

That’s it. Last three days going around Tokyo, catching last glimpses of neighbourhoods, panoramas, sights.
Last tastings, and ignoring the upcoming nostalgia by staying active and try to do and see as much as possible.

Indeed the day is coming to an end, and so the year. Most of the people were already on a plane, or back home in their home countries.

I had arranged with Roberto, Diego (and his girlfriend whom I’d never meet in Japan, since she would take the flight after ours to go back to Italy), to sleep in an hotel near the airport and then take our flight in the morning.

I had all the day to spend with Saki, and had to say goodbye in the evening.

It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t nice.

Hardly concealed sadness, and a push to enjoy everything up to the last second.

I hope I’ll see her again, someday…goodbyes are never easy, and sadness and tears get me only when I’m alone, on that solo trip from Tokyo to the town of Narita.

On a crowded local train, the gaijin cried in the corner.
But most tears perhaps, were for the end of such an amazing, incredible, unforgettable year.


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