Hello there!

My name is Marco Scifoni, I was born in Rome, Italy, and always had a knack for learning languages (or so they say), traveling and doing new interesting and challenging experiences.

This is what life taught me on the way.

I always tried to picture myself writing my own blog, but never really thought that would either suit me, or that I’d be able to really keep one, keep it updated and posted, or participate in a mutual community. And probably that’s true.
I decided to really start one only when my little sister pushed me into it after being selected for the Vulcanus in Japan programme 2010-2011 edition.

I studied mechanical and energy engineering, and got accepted into this exchange programme managed by the European Union and the Japanese Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), consisting in a four months Japanese language course and an eight months internship, both in Japan, for a whole year living abroad in one of the most amazing countries worldwide.

At first the blog’s aim was to keep friends and family posted on what was going on there, what I was going through at that time. Through highs and lows it ended up being kind of a release valve for my mood, and probably this as well is what blogs are for.

But mainly, in my happy moments I ended up more going out, traveling, than staying home babbling about it on a web page.

Towards the end, thanks to an increasing passion in photography (see the flickr links from my posts!) I thought of a new thing.
What probably had to be told in posts was being directed to my sets on flickr, since every one of them has a description, and many pictures their own commentaries. So I decided to merge the two things together, and write posts based on what I felt like saying when uploading new pictures and sets. As a result, the flickr page is obviously more focused on pictures, while here, I focus on the story behind. Same coin, different sides.

In the meantime my experience in Japan had come to an end, and there I was struggling back home to set my life future-bound again. Looking back at what has passed until now, and how I got here, really helps me seeing things in the right perspective, so that’s what I’m gonna keep doing here.

Let me know when my stream of thoughts goes somewhere near you, and feel free to drop a comment anytime…enjoy your stay!

Marco – Rome 18/3/2012